Another Version of Hansel and Gretel. Myrna Nieves

Taller Asiray & And Then Press come together to publish


Another Version of Hansel and Gretel



a short story written by Myrna Nieves

Myrna Nieves photo(1)

From some profound place inside her imagination, Myrna Nieves has created this book. She was joined in this bilingual, first edition, by Yarisa Colón Torres with her astounding illustrations. Once you enter the universe occupied by Hansel, Gretel and the Witch, it is very hard to return to the mundane realities—no matter how complex and dramatic they may seem—of this earthly plane where most of us live for a good portion of the time.

— Robert Roth, co-creator and editor of And Then magazine


From the City of New York, the Puerto Rican writer Myrna Nieves has appropriated one of the most popular stories of all times, infusing it with Caribbean elements. Another Version of Hansel and Gretel is a fascinating story, characterized by the tension between tradition and innovation, which gifts us with an unexpected ending. It has been an honor to collaborate with the author in the design and the binding of this book.

—Yarisa Colón Torres, illustrator and bookmaking artist

I began writing this story in 2004, but I was unable to complete it then because I did not know how to end it. I waited years for the moment in which I felt I finally had the maturity and clarity needed to be able to represent in these characters some of our most significant inner battles.

—Myrna Nieves, author



To pre-order your book, or get more information about this limited edition, please email Myrna Nieves: Cost: $25 for each handmade book and $5 for the package and shipping insurance.


Myrna Nieves is a writer and educator, born in Puerto Rico. A founding member and professor at Boricua College, she was the director of its Winter Poetry Series for twenty years. She has published the books Libreta de sueños (narraciones) (EDUPR, 1997; Award, PEN Club of Puerto Rico 1998), Viaje a la lluvia, poemas (Mairena, 2002), El Caribe: paraíso y paradoja. Visiones del intelectual en Alejo Carpentier y Emilio Díaz Valcárcel (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2012) and Breaking Ground: Anthology of Puerto Rican Women Writers in New York 1980-2012/ Abriendo caminos: antología de escritoras puertorriqueñas en Nueva York 1980-2012 (Campana, 2012). She is co-author and co-editor of the collection of short stories and poems Tripartita: Earth, Dreams, Powers (Moria, 1990) and the publications Lugar sin límite (1978), Guaíza (1986) and Moradalsur (2000). Nieves is also the compiler and co-author of the section of Puerto Rican writers in the anthologies Mujeres como islas (fiction, 2002) and Mujeres como islas II (poetry, 2011).

Recognitions (among others): Literary Award of the PEN Club of Puerto Rico (1998) and the Education and Poetry Award from the Instituto de Puerto Rico (2013).

Myrna Nieves has a Bachelor of Arts in World Literature from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master of Arts in Spanish from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean Literature from New York University.



Yarisa Colón Torres is a poet and handmade book artist. Sin Cabeza (2009), Enredadera y colmillo (2006), ¿Entrelínea o secuestro? (2006) and Caja de voces, in collaboration with Waleska Rivera (2006) are among her latest publications. In 2012, Yarisa was selected to participate at the Global Voices Bloggers Summit, held in Kenya. She also received the Cropper Foundation Writer’s Fellowship (2009) based in Trinidad & Tobago and the BRIO Awards (2014) granted by the Bronx Council on the Arts. Her handmade books have been exhibited in galleries and cultural spaces in the United States and Puerto Rico. Currently, Yarisa teaches Caribbean Literature and works as a writing tutor at Lehman College, CUNY.



Nancy Ross is a Canadian poet and translator currently living in New York with her family. She is working on a translation of Rosario Castellanos’ letters, Cartas a Ricardo and is also working on a play in which Rosario Castellanos is one of two main characters. Nancy has studied Spanish, writing and theater at The New School, New York University and Sarah Lawrence.


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