Fanne Foxe (1936-2021) Robert Roth

Robert Roth  rinde homenaje a Fanne Foxe que al congreso en jaque con un affair von el congrasista Wilbur Fox. Nacida en argentina Fanne fue columnista de una revista sexual y amiga de la revista And Then desde el incio, cuano Robeth planeaba una conversacion entre ella, Noam Chomsky y Loonie Smith, que nunca se dio.

Fanne Foxe



Talked to Merle 102 last night and she remembers Fanne when she was staying with us and going to film school at NYU.

I remember you on the patio talking to Fanne when I gave a party for her to recruit actors for her film assignment.

I remember how her lovely infectious sensuality affected everyone.

It was hard not to love her.

I last spoke to her when Melanie died.


This appeared in Health Proxy [Yuganta Press, 2007]

Fanne Foxe kissed Arnie and Irving smack on the lips one night at a party, winning a ferocious protective loyalty from each of them.

The day I met her we spent hours talking in a bar. She was an advice columnist for a sex magazine my friend Peter Wolff edited.

Fanne Foxe more than any political movement almost brought the U.S. government to a standstill. Her affair with Wilbur Mills the very staid chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee made banner headlines for weeks. The first big sex scandal of that kind in decades. She was tagged  “The Argentine Firecracker.” Also the “Tidal Basin Bombshell,” called that because she and Wilbur splashed fully clothed through the tidal basin in front of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. (some accounts have her jumping in alone).

For a sex goddess, at 38, she was older than most. I’m not sure how old she was when we met. I was probably in my early thirties.  Over the hours we spoke, her soft, tender, expressive face kept revealing the widest range of emotions imaginable.

At some point Fanne Foxe said that she didn’t want to be seen only as a body. Her words took on a meaning very particularly their own. For in fact that was how she was seen. Not by just one person or even a hundred, but by a whole, entire nation.

Sex Goddess or Mother, Fanne Foxe had a personality as large as the headlines.     Any role she assumed she played to the hilt.

A few years after we met she became a new mother. She already had adult children. At a Christmas party at Peter and Patty’s apartment, I remember her being mother personified as she spoke about having just enrolled her daughter in Hebrew School.

At the same party she invited a young porn model who had no place to live to stay with her and her family. She set up the strictest house rules imaginable.

The first time we met she described in detail how one night she fell to the floor in anguish. The next minute her eyes sparkled as she spoke about some powerfully positive experience.

When Arnie, Shelley, Marguerite and I started and then I thought it would be cool to set up a discussion between Fanne Foxe, Noam Chomsky and “Lightning” Lonnie Smith, the former junior welterweight champion of the world, who at the time was the son-in-law of Michael Kranish. I wasn’t quite sure what the subject would be. Some vague notion was taking shape. But I knew whatever it was, Fanne was sure to keep the conversation going.

Since I had met them all and knew people who were close to each, I thought it might actually be possible to pull off. But before I got the nerve to try setting it up, Fanne had returned to Argentina. 

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