Thinking Loud. Robert Roth

One big problem is people often think loudly, even shriek at the top of their lungs, but the sound is only in their head. And yet they are sure that the other person is hearing them. I think this happens much more often than people think. And it can lead to horrible confusion, mis- communication and at worst nightmare scenarios. In 1991, my friend, a black woman, one … Continúa leyendo Thinking Loud. Robert Roth

Music and poetry by Hendrik van Oordt, Robert Roth and friends

Como alimento poetico, de cuando en cuando el bother Robert, comparte sus colaboraciones con Hendrick.  Aqui algunas palabras de presentacion paykuna pura. I met Hendrik van Oordt in Amsterdam while visiting my family there. He was extremely intense and generous in his attention. We kept in touch by email. At some point he asked if I would like to collaborate with him. He would compose … Continúa leyendo Music and poetry by Hendrik van Oordt, Robert Roth and friends

Quechua, Fredy and Me. Robert Roth

Kay semanamantapacha pananam brother Robertwan sapan simana cafeychata waqtaspaq tutuky imaman rimasunkunachu. May ladu Nuyur pampapiraq sumaqta rimayasaqku. Este es un frangmento de «Muyurina y el presente profundo: poeticas andinas y amazonicas» editado por Juan Guillermo Sanchez. Va con todos los mejores deseos de pronta recuperacion a nuestros hermanos de Puerto Rico, una de cuyas poetas es parte de esta entrega. Imagen tomada por el … Continúa leyendo Quechua, Fredy and Me. Robert Roth

Shulamith Firestone. Robert Roth

Shulamith Firestone* Robert Roth At the Free Association, an alternative school in the 70s, a friend was leading a feminist workshop. I was the only man in the room. My presence was interfering with the comfort and flow of discussion. This led to its own long discussion. The upshot was this would be the last time I would attend the group. It didn’t feel great … Continúa leyendo Shulamith Firestone. Robert Roth