• COMMENTS. Robert Roth

    Kaytan brother  Robert niwara: It is part of three part series: Inscriptions, Blurbs, Comments. Here’s the link to the first two. They appeared in HPN #5 COMMENTS Que la abismal sucesion de coyunturas polarizantes ha  producido en los medios en linea comentarios que van desde uno que otro acierto hasta posiciones absurdas, agresivas y deshumanizantes,… Continue Reading

  • Quechua, Fredy and Me. Robert Roth

    Kay semanamantapacha pananam brother Robertwan sapan simana cafeychata waqtaspaq tutuky imaman rimasunkunachu. May ladu Nuyur pampapiraq sumaqta rimayasaqku. Este es un frangmento de “Muyurina y el presente profundo: poeticas andinas y amazonicas” editado por Juan Guillermo Sanchez. Va con todos los mejores deseos de pronta recuperacion a nuestros hermanos de Puerto Rico, una de cuyas… Continue Reading

  • Review of Book of Pieces (Robert Roth). George Spencer

    This is a book of many things as its title, Book of Pieces, suggests. It is a wonderful combination of literary forms, part diary, part poem, part detailed observations, part self-laceration, part hosannas and much more.  The subject matter, equally protean, is daily life in all its physical, emotional, and spiritual manifestations. It is all-encompassing… Continue Reading

  • Robert at 80. Robert Roth

    Iskay niraq wamichakunata quyasqanmanta brther Bobert willawachkanku, kusa. Este es un fragmento del nuevo libro del brother: Book of Pieces. Robert at 80 What a Pathetic Life I Lead A German filmmaker in her 70s A Zimbabwean woman in her 20s Love them both Wildly attracted to each Have no chance with either “I’m a… Continue Reading

  • Hotel Winkler. Robert Roth

    Imaynam Hotel Wrinkelpi achka qellqapakuq runakunata warmaraq kachkaptin  reqsipakusqamanta borther Robert willawachkanchik.  Mamitansi Arthur Millerpa tayta mamanwan amigansi kasqa, hinaspa paykuna willasqaku imaynam Marylin Moneroe kasqanmanta. Kusa!       Hotel Winkler Robert Roth   When I was a child my parents often went on vacation to the Hotel Winkler, a kosher hotel, in Long… Continue Reading

  • Seduced and Abandoned?. Robert Roth

    When my mother was gravely ill, the two doctors who were the most forthcoming, who seemed the most empathetic and the most engaged were also the two who at the end of the conversation said that this would be the last time we would meet. Each gave the impression during the conversation that they would… Continue Reading

  • Into Another Time & Shooting Baskets. Robert Roth

    LLapan sabadu, domingu ima Chelsea Marketpi bother Robertwan desayunuta yanukuyku iman semanapi qellqasykumanta rimarispa. Todo un placer conversar  con el editor de la revist And Then. Con la honestidad y bravura que le caracteriza, acaba de escribir sobre las kancha kancha literarios opresivos que actuan en NY. Comparte tambien una valiente oracion en una sinagoga.… Continue Reading

  • NYUmanta. Robert Roth

    Mayqe mayqempi wayki Roberth Rothwan imayna millay yachaywasi NYU kasqanmanta. Payqa Health Proxy librunpim isakay uya NYUmanta kaychata qellqaykusqa. “Emotional pain is so much more searing than physical pain,” the young Chinese woman told me as she spoke to me about a speech she was preparing on euthanasia for a class she was taking. Last… Continue Reading

  • Wolf at the door. Robert Roth

    El brother  Robert Roth, editor de la revista And Then, al que le  debo un  relato de cuando conoci a Ginsberg y no sucedio nada, comparte  con nosotors la memoria de Arnold Sachar, quien  fuera  su coeditor y amigo. Esta es una de las mas hermosas y honestas “biografias” que he leido en mucho tiempo.… Continue Reading

  • Shulamith Firestone. Robert Roth

    Shulamith Firestone* Robert Roth At the Free Association, an alternative school in the 70s, a friend was leading a feminist workshop. I was the only man in the room. My presence was interfering with the comfort and flow of discussion. This led to its own long discussion. The upshot was this would be the last… Continue Reading

  • Two pieces, Robert Roth

    I saw Herman Rosen looking stunned, shattered standing frozen in a corner of his father’s living room. His marriage was over. The emotion was so raw that its intensity was almost comical. He never recovered. I met his brother Harry at my brother’s wedding in 1992. He said Herman lived for 30 years as a… Continue Reading