Call for contributions to the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2015.

Alex Julca comparte  con nosotros esta convocatoria de las Naciones Unidas para  propuestas de desarrollo sostenible que seran publicadas en 2015 con  agendas concretas, sostenibles a nivel local e intergubernamental. Por lo cual pedimos  la difusion de esta convocatoria  a todos los organismos correspondientes. Kuskallam wakintaqa ruwana. Aqui la nota de Alex Julca.

Estimado Fredy,

como estas?
aqui debajo te mando un link y documento para abrir con respecto a un llamado para presentar briefs sobre proyectos, trabajos, e iniciativas interesantes de desarrollo sostenible a nivel local, regional, o nacional de Peru o de otros paises.
Las NNUU esta preparando un reporte mundial y quiere quiere tomar en cuenta la mayor cantidad posible de proyectos de la sociedad civil que estan ocurriendo en el campo, academia, política, economía, etc.

un abrazo

Call for contributions to the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2015

Bring your science issues and solutions to the attention of policymakers and participate in a conversation with them!

A unique opportunity

With the establishment of the UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF) in 2012, Governments have created – for the first time – an entry point for scientists across the world to be heard at the highest levels of the United Nations – the General Assembly. This is your unique opportunity to bring scientific issues to the attention of policy makers! Do not miss it!

UN High-level Political Forum and the Global Sustainable Development Report

Governments established the High-level Political Forum (HLPF) with the mandate to provide political guidance on sustainable development. They decided that the forum should strengthen the science-policy interface by examining documentation, bringing together diverse information and assessments, including in the form of a Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR), building on existing assessments, and enhancing evidence-based decision-making at all levels. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs prepared a Prototype Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) in 2014 which drew upon inputs from a range of stakeholders, including the UN system and members of scientific communities across the world.1 The preparations for the next Global Sustainable Development Report, to be submitted to the third session of the HLPF in June 2015, are now underway. The present call aims to provide individual scientists and research institutions a unique opportunity to highlight issues, research findings or solutions – in the form of briefs – that they would like to bring to the attention of policy makers. One chapter of the Report will be dedicated to these contributions.

Scope of the call for contributions

By way of general guidance, the briefs should address an issue, finding, or research with a bearing on sustainable development in its three dimensions – economic, social, and environmental – or the inter- linkages between them. Thus the focus could be on the review of up-to-date findings relating to a particular issue, address the single issue of importance, or present solutions to a problem or challenge. It could also present the “story” of a research finding that has great policy relevance but is not typically considered in the policy debate. The briefs are to be factual and based on peer-reviewed literature. Contributions from both the natural and social science communities from all disciplines are highly valued and welcomed.

Selection process

All briefs that meet basic formatting and quality standards will be posted on the website of the GSDR for an open comment period. Based on the online review process, a sub-set of briefs will be identified from which ideas and material will be drawn for inclusion in the GSDR chapter on newly-arising science issues and solutions for policy-makers.

Submission process

The aim of the briefs is to summarize or highlight the most salient findings or arguments; supporting material can be a separate technical Annex or reference to a supporting research paper. The brief (including supporting documents) should be submitted to in .doc or .docx format, using email subject GSDR 2015 Science Briefs – [title of the brief]

The briefs should follow instructions in the attached template. The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2014. However, interested contributors are invited to submit their briefs as soon as possible. For more information, please refer to