5 autores latinos que merecen ser leídos*. Laura Lomas

  Tal vez les parezca el retrato de los migrantes latinoamericanos en la política norteamericana actual –es decir, como unos invasores amenazantes – exageradamente negativa. Lo cierto es que los estereotipos que plantean que los latinoamericanos son ajenos, o una amenaza a la cultural americana, no son solamente moralmente repugnantes, sino también históricamente equivocados. La literatura en castellano publicada en lo que es ahora estados … Continúa leyendo 5 autores latinos que merecen ser leídos*. Laura Lomas

On LASA Lima. Laura Lomas

Several small Peruvian presses had complained on facebook about the financial barriers to participating in the book fair. It costs $1,500 for a table at the book fair. It is $220 to enroll in the congress as a presenter. Even the dramatically discounted $10 for the local participant could present a barrier to a Latin American or Caribbean student much less the average working person. The question of who exactly is our audience and who will be able to present at our meetings comes into view: do we want our scholarship to circulate and give voice only to the elite and the well-placed academics ensconced in institutions tied to powerful economies? Continúa leyendo On LASA Lima. Laura Lomas

On Fidel’s Passing. Laura Lomas

Report from the Plaza de la Revolución: Half a Million Cubans and Leaders from Across the Planet Commemorated Fidel by Laura Lomas Rutgers University, Newark On November 30, 2016, Fidel Castro left the city of Havana for the last time, returning in a final journey that reverses the route of his triumphant arrival here in 1959 to the eastern city of Santiago, where his ashes … Continúa leyendo On Fidel’s Passing. Laura Lomas