Los Adioses. Carolina Amoruso

LOS ADIOSES By Carolina Amoruso | 26 April, 2018 I was predisposed to enjoy Los Adioses, Natalia Beristáin’s biopic about ‘mid-century modern’ Mexican feminist writer Rosario Castellanos. That the story of an influential intellectual was claiming territory in a genre crowded with froufrous about entertainers, sports heroes and dissipated fine artists was encouraging. But, alas, I found Beristáin’s treatment of her subject skewed, reducing this … Continúa leyendo Los Adioses. Carolina Amoruso

Rosario Castellanos. Nancy Jean Ross

«My last wish is that they don’t bury me in the Rotunda of Illustrious Men as Vasconcelos used to say. Not least of all because I’m a woman,” Rosario Castellanos wrote in a letter dated November 27, 1967, to her husband, Ricardo Guerra. When Castellanos died in Tel Aviv, seven years later, as the Mexican Ambassador, her body was flown back to Mexico and she … Continúa leyendo Rosario Castellanos. Nancy Jean Ross